Existential Psychotherapist and Counsellor. CBT Therapist. Mental Health Nurse. Patient.

About me

My career in talking and listening began when I was a patient in the mental health system in my late teens. I had been through a lot of shit that I didn't like and found myself caught up in whispers and noise, which meant I had to get diagnosed and submit myself to various kinds of talking and listening for hours. 

That was a pretty big experience for me, as, having been the white guy captaining the football team with a future where I thought anything was possible, I was now talking and listening outside my culture. I wandered about for a few years after, exploring, taking drugs, traveling a bit, having multiple jobs, learning but not really making sense of it all. I'm not sure we ever can.

I trained as a counsellor and psychotherapist, trying to gain further understanding, working in various psychiatric and psychological institutions. I trained as a CBT Therapist and a mental health nurse, got married, bought a house and became a parent. Things have got much better. Somehow, I think, through a combination of privilege, luck and hard work, I am surviving. 


I have been lucky enough to have been helped by therapists and other professionals in my time: I also had helping relationships which were painful and difficult. I try to offer helpful space and time to others, working in a way which is aware of different discourses.....existentialism, CBT, psychoanalysis, the medical model, post-modernism, person-centred therapies, hearing voices, amongst others . This means I don't really have any answers. I can explicitly show you psychological tools which will help shape your reality. Or not. I will be me and I will try my best to help you. 

I consider ethics and boundaries first. These are important as they shape the professional, helping relationships I am involved in. I am currently a UKCP registered Existential Psychotherapist, a CBT Therapist, a graduate member of BPS and a registered mental health nurse with NMC. You can look me up on Linked In, Facebook and Twitter to get a sense of how I want to present myself online. Or email info@petebull.co.uk or call 07508712421.